My Pain

March 18, 2011 at 1:00 am Leave a comment

Today is the day 4 after I got my last chemo. Usually, I still feel weak, dizzy and nausea. But I only feel week right now. I could wake up in the morning, preparing everything, didn’t only lay down on my bed.
After my children and my husband went to their school and office, I could take a rest a little bit, then I feel pain again on my arm and my chest due to lymphedema. The pain was so… awful. I only could be grimace, till cry in pain alone. Although I had some medicine to reduce the pain, I feel reluctant to take it, because the medicine didn’t give a meaningful advantage. Soon, I had just remembered my God. The One who have powerful for everything, The One who created me. I said,’Oh Good, Iwas only Your creature, You are my Creator and I was in Your decision, please.. help me… I was in pain.. only You , The All merciful Lord.’ Then amazingly, I could sleep for a while.
Then, at midday, I still felt the pain. The pain was uncomfortable. But, when my daughter come back, hug me and smiled, my pain reliefed a little. And I feel pain again… feel pain again…feel pain again. I must be strong! I must be strong! I believe my difficult time will pass by not long afterward. Pray and believe that Allah will fulfill His creatur’s pray, that Allah will give me the health, as healthy as previous time. Amin.
Btw, by writing this on my blog, at least my pain had lessened. Cheer…!


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LYMPHEDEMA & ME Tulisan Anakku Saat Kemo

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